Covid19 Virus Palmas del Mar – Implementation

Note that this information is outdated.

As per the HomeOwners Assocation: Palmas del Mar Curfew Contingency Plans Implementation
The Governor of Puerto Rico implemented a curfew for PR commercial sector up to March 31, 2020. For Citizens or individuals commences at 9:00 pm through 5am. The commercial curfew begins at 6:00pm to 6:00pm
Commercial Centers
Movie theaters
concert halls
alcoholic, dispensing business(bars)
In additiona Palmas del Mar has implemented
*6:00 pm security will begin to turn around at the entrance visitors for commercial establishments within the community (supermarket) food may be take our or pick up only
*9:00 pm a full curfew – no one will be allowed to come into Palmas except residents and guest presently staying in the community
*No unauthorized individual or vehicle will be allowed in the streets of PDM 9:00pm to 5am – if necessary security will need to call the PR police to intervene and fines may be implemented.
*You can call security at 787 852 7745 should you have a situation were assistance is needed
*If expecting a guest, or family member to arrive to the resort during the curfew hours call security at 787 852 7745 and register the same in a timely manner
Please remember these rules are implemented to secure you and your community
Stay home – Stay safe!
Excerpt from
Executive director on Contingency and implementation
Antonio Maldonado
Palmas del Mar Homeowner’s Association