Covid19 Virus Palmas del Mar – SITUATION UPDATE November 16

Note that this information is outdated.

The government of Puerto Rico has issued a new executive order effective today November 16, 2020 modifying and extending Covid 19 restrictions until December 11, 2020.:
–Units of the PR National Guard have been activated to assist the PR Police in the enforcement of the Executive Order.
— A curfew requiring people to stay home between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am. Everyone must remain indoors during hours of curfew. At Palmas del Mar the use of golf carts during curfew hours is not authorized and fines will be issued to violators of this restriction.
–Use of face-mask devices and maintaining social distance remains mandatory while outdoors and while forming authorized activities and will be enforced by the government authorities. The Puerto Rico and the Municipal Police will be imposing $100 fines non-complying persons and $500 fines for violations in commercial establishments.
–During curfew hours individual households as well as rented properties must observe the no-activities, loud music, parties, family social gatherings, etcĂ©tera, restrictions contained in the Order and the Palmas del Mar Restrictive Covenants.
–Bars, including those in restaurants, must remain closed. Party buses are not authorized.
–Schools remain closed for in-presence classes.
–Authorized business establishments can open during non-curfew hours using face protection devices and social distancing protocols. Restaurants occupation is restricted to 30% of capacity. Signs must be posted indicating maximum number of customers allowed. The practice of reservations is recommended. Owners and operators of commercial establishments are responsible for the strict compliance of these measures. Bar areas in restaurants must remain closed although alcohol may be served as part of dining services.
–Under no circumstances the gathering of persons consuming alcoholic beverages will be permitted in open spaces, for more information.